What’s wrong with being a bitpipe?

Think back to when 3G was launched. No one knew what to use the extra throughput for. The real value of high speed mobile data networks didn’t become evident for the end user until the recent 3-4 years. (The crappy early day 3G-video-telephony services didn’t quite cut it -did they!)

When you think of it… Nothing has increased the end user value of operators’ mobile access products as much as the revolution on the/”separation” of the Service layer. Meaning that the more mobile customers get accustomed/addicted to using mobile (over-the-top) services the more value they put in accessing it all (whenever, wherever).

This is why operators should be treating their access products and communication services inherently different. Treating them all the same and participating in a downward spiral price game is ignoring the potential up-side in access. After all, that “bottleneck” is gaining value for every bit served in the form of an addictive new service on an end user device… It is time to reconsider the term; “just being a bitpipe”.

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